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Here are some funny, some amusing and some bizarre facts relating to job search

When I was out of college, I knew I wanted to study law. For me, my life seemed to be hinged around being sound in legal principles. My day started with thinking about it and ended with thinking about the way I was inclined to be when I was equipped with the right qualification to be there. After law school, I worked in a solicitor’s firm for five years. In the beginning, while I was still learning the ropes of the profession, I met a lot of people who were there for decades. They were either doing too well for themselves or they were the normal jack types who could hang around for as long as they wanted.

But that was not the case with me:

Somewhere at the end of the third consecutive year at the bar, I started feeling an itch to break free. There was no excitement left in my practice. Let me tell you that I was doing very well and clients came looking for me and my documentation and pleadings were extremely well received. But I knew that I did not belong here forever. My mind yearned for adventure and my heart itched for being able to do something that could rekindle the passion again in me.

Initially, I thought it was boredom:

Initially, I thought it was boredom and tried to look out for more interesting fields to practice in. so from debt recovery and banking laws I took a leap of faith into consumer laws and corporate laws. This field was livelier and it gave me an opportunity to met people from different walks of life. It was not long before; two years to be precise that I started feeling as if I did not belong even here!

A little research on the internet: When I was searching for answers to my life questions, I stumbled upon a survey that was taken by a psychologist in great detail. The survey claimed that around 88% of people in their early thirties and mid fifties are dissatisfied with the job that they are doing and irrespective of whether they are doing excessively well or not!

This study went on to prove that when the scientist studied the ratio of people who jumped profession in circumstances like this, a major percentage of them was highly satisfied with the decision that they took in life and were thankful to their instincts for showing them the way.

The same survey also showed categorically with quoted data that the amount of education is always inversely proportionate to the number of jobs a person switches in his lifetime. To illustrate this point better, it said that people who were highly qualified switched jobs less often in life than people who had average or lesser than average education. These were the people who were restless within a couple of years and who were gearing to flit or switch job within the same industry.

It takes about half a year for an average person to switch job: A person seems to take on an average anywhere between 3 and 6 months in order to hunt down the kind of employment he is looking for. Most often he is successful and if his stint in the organisation proves to be good to him then he may take an additional 1 to 3 months to learn the job and settle down with responsibilities.

The importance of follow up calls in job search:

It has been documented that the follow up call after an interview is very important. It gives an impression to the company that you are keen at taking an active role there and additionally goes to prove that you have the confidence level that they are looking to match.

It is said that the first interviewee to call the management enquiring about the interview results has a 95 percent chance to land in that job. Therefore it is important to take the follow up call quite seriously.

Role of networking:

You need to be networking your way in and up and about if you are keen on a particular job. Employee referral programs also do a big amount of help and therefore it may be a great idea to know the people already in the organisation that you are aiming to enter. There are great applications like Rolepoint.com that can help you realize your dream of getting your dream job.

Photo journalism reckoned:

As for me, I switched my career choice from a legal adviser to a photo journalist. I took up a short course in journalism and photography and made sure that I ended up with the best newspaper in the town. I am enjoying my stint as it involves lots of travelling and that does ensure that I am happy with my work. 


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