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What's In For Fou

It has been our constant endeavor to be able to identify the best in the employment field and to be able to supply the best brains and talent to the organizations that not only will cherish them but give them what they are looking for. When we started out, we never bothered about awards and recognitions. We wanted to be able to make a big impact on the lives of people who were too good in their academics and had a rich legacy but did not know where to find themselves the right place to go.

Putting things where they belong:

The idea of being able to transport the right talent to the job that they really belong to serves to be symbiotic relationship for everyone. For example the candidate at most times is so lost at the opportunities that are available for want of knowledge and sometimes by not being at the right place at the right time. We wanted to have a single portal which would be the confluence point for all the job seekers and the talent seekers. The benefit that accrues to the organizations is that they get to lay their hands of the most efficient and the freshest talent that there is available. Instead of going for campus placements from one college to another college campus and looking at various sources to fill up the vacancy can not only be a costly affair but also a tedious one.

It is a packaged deal:

As a portal that is completely dedicated in identifying fresh and promising talent, we spend a lot of time in acquisition of talent, exploring people and the role that they can play and ought to play in organizational set up, the way technology can play a role in productive talent hunting and identifying and being able to positively invest in human capital. We believe in optimizing our search with the help of advanced technologies including the use of social media and other micro blogging sites.

We hope to see you soon:

If you are one of the people who are looking for the right breakthrough or you are looking for fresh talent for your organisation, we welcome you to explore our system. We assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our service! Welcome aboard!


51 Iolaire Road NEW HAW KT15 3SY


070 4728 1784